Fishing and empty desert beach at Calheta Funda, Cape Verde islands

Fishing and empty desert beach at Calheta Funda, Cape Verde islands and Sal info & facts.

Calheta Funda is an empty desert and lovely beach in Cape Verde islands and Sal. Calheta Funda is located about 5 km northwest of town Santa Maria. Get here by quad or car. It is also possible to get here by motorcycle or moped, but the “road” is mainly gravel and loose sand. Drive carefully. There are two ways to get here from Santa Maria town: follow the sandy, rocky coast “roads” from Baia do Algodoeiro up north by the coast. Or, the fastest way is to take the highway and drive 4km to the north from Santa Maria, and then turn west onto the sandy gravel road to Calheta Funda. The second option is faster, but the first is more beautiful and closer to nature just by the ocean.

Calheta Funda is basically 2 sand beaches with a coral rock dividing them in the middle. The water is lovely turquoise and perfect for snorkeling. At tourist season 1 or 2 tourists might find this lovely spot, but basically it is an empty deserted beach perfect for a daytrip in the Cape Verde islands and Sal. The surroundings is nothing but sandy gravel and dry desert. The sunset in Calheta Funda is magic, but make sure to have good head lights if staying long, there is nothing near and gets pitch black! Don’t forget to bring water and food.

You can fish from the coral rock dividing the two beaches. Locals sometimes do, they use dead fish as bate. Rock fishing or line fishing is probably the best option.