Fontona, a green oasis in the desert of Sal, Cape Verde islands

Info about Fontona, a green oasis in the desert of Sal, Cape Verde islands, empty beach and hidden treasure

Fontona, a green oasis in the deserts of Sal, Cape Verde islands. Get here from Palmeira town by foot or car. Fontana is located about 1,5 km south of Palmeira. Just follow the coast south to find this hidden treasure. You have already seen the flat, sandy barren island of Sal in Cape Verde islands, which makes this green spot even more welcoming and interesting.

Baia da Fontana, the bay right outside the Fontona village, is a sandy gravelly beach well worth a visit. There are rarely any people here, maybe a nudist or two. so expect full privacy on this empty beach. This beach is well suited for children as protected from waves by the surrounding rocky landscape. A hidden treasure in Cape Verde islands and Sal.

Info & facts about Cape Verde Islands: Fontona, a green oasis and small village in the desert of Sal Cape Verde. Empty beach, grasshoppers & hidden treasure

Fontona, the small village surrounded by green, healthy vegetation is a pretty sight in the desert of Sal and Cape Verde islands. The jungle of vegetation inhabitates some large colorful grasshoppers, but don’t worrie, they will stay away from you. Just follow the road into the green jungle to explore the village of Fontona further…