Great fishing spots, line fishing, rock fishing, trolling in Cape Verde islands Sal

Facts and info on great fishing spots, line fishing rock fishing, trolling in Cape Verde islands Sal. Catch tuna, sailfish, marlin

Fishing is a vital food source and main income source for many of the locals in the Cape Verde islands. Check out the greatest fishing spots for line fishing, rock fishing and trolling in the Cape Verde islands and Sal. Catch tuna, marlin, billfish, sailfish and more…

Palmeira is the fishing town of Sal, with a dock and a lot of fishermen boats. The locals live of fishing in this part of Cape Verde islands and Sal, and many of them are fishing right from shore just north of Palmeira. Follow the road north towards Buracona, and keep your eyes on the rocky black coral rock coast and volcanic cliffs when driving out of Palmeira. This fishing spot is well known by locals, and even children as young as 5 are fishing here, right of the black coral cliffs, perfect for rock fishing and line fishing. Be careful, the sea is rough and can have dangerous undercurrents.

Buracona and “the blue eye” is a tourist attraction worth a visit, but just north of this destination is a well known fishing spot for rock fishing and line fishing. Locals are fishing right of the black vulcanic cliffs. Be careful, the cliffs are high and the sea is rough and can have dangerous undercurrents. There is a restaurant at this spot, serving lobster and other dishes.

North of Sal
Keep on driving to the north of Espargos, past Terra Boa and soon reaching the very northern coast of Sal, Cape Verde islands. This rocky coastline is perfect for rock fishing or line fishing. Locals even dive in with harpunes, catching octopus, crabs & fish, but this is dangerous since the sea is very rough with strong underwater currents. You will likely find yourself all alone at this desert fishing spot. The cliffs might be as high as 3-5m above the sea, therefor you need the right equipment to even be able to fish here. Bring food and water, no shops or any other service avalable for several miles / kilometers.

Santa Maria
Just east of Santa Maria, where the beach ends, the rocky cost starts. Locals fish from this rocky coastline all the time. But you might get your gear stuck at the ocean floor since it is shallow and a lot of waves rollin in one after another. In Santa Maria town there is also a lot of fishing organizers offering fishing trips on boats and guided tours.

Calheta Funda
Calheta Funda is located about 5 km northwest of Santa Maria town, Sal. This desert spot is basically two lovely beaches divided by a coral rock in the middle. Locals are known for fishing here from time to time, right of the coral rock, using dead fish as bate. But most of the time, there is nobody here. You can’t catch anything big here, since the spot is fairly close to land, but still well worth a visit for rock fishing or line fishing. This desert beach is also perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling.