Hidden treasures. Find a conch shell, Sal Cape Verde islands

Info and facts about Cape Verde islands and Sal. Hidden treasures. Find conch shell just north of Palmeria town on island Sal Cape Verde. Children activity.

This hidden treasure can be found just north of Palmeira town on the west coast of Sal, Cape Verde islands. Get here with the local bus or rented car / quad / moped / motorcycle. Palmeria is located 2 km west from Espargos town. Just follow the road from Palmeira up north towards Buracona and keep your eyes on the coastline when driving out of Palmeira. It is close enough to walk here from Palmeira town. From the road you can’t really see the conch shells, only some white piles by the black coral coastline. As getting closer, you will see that the conch shells are covering this area.

You are guaranteed to find several whole conch shells to bring home from Sal and Cape Verde islands, some with dried crabs in them…

Hidden treasures. Find a conch shell, Sal Cape Verde islands info and facts, Palmeira

Behind the conch shells is the black coral coast line where locals are rock fishing from land. Some of them are even kids as young as 5-6 years old. The area is also filled with natural pools to cool off in. A beautiful sight just near the rough sea. Don’t swim in the sea, there can be dangerous underwater currents.

This spot is perfect for a daytrip on Sal, Cape Verde islands, also suitable for children.