Palmeira fishing town in the west of Sal, Cape Verde islands

Palmeira fishing town in the west of Sal, Cape Verde islands

Palmeira is a small colorful fishing town located 2 km west of town Espargos Cape Verde islands, Sal. Get here by car, motorbike or moped from Espargos or Santa Maria. You can also ask for the bus to Palmeira from Espargos. There are several SUV:s driving the route Espargos – Palmeira as the local bus. Basically takeoff as soon as their car is full, no timetable what so ever. One way ticket is about 50 cent (euros). Experience the real Cape Verde islands and Sal.

Palmeira is a fishing town with fishing boats leaving the dock every day. Locals are rock fishing right of the black coral cliffs along the west coast of Palmeira, and even children as young as 4-5 are helping to catch dinner. There are a few smaller restaurants and fast food joints in Palmeira. The town is colorful and pretty. Palmeira is one of the larger towns in Cape Verde islands and Sal, but still a small town.

Info & Facts Cape Verde: Palmeira, a colorful fishing town in the west of Sal, Cape Verde islands. Rock fishing, empty beach and green oasis near Palmeira.

The dock is located in the south of Palmeira and just opposite the dock is a long sandy beach, but nobody is sunbathing here. It is empty and deserted. Take a walk along the beach under the typical african trees and look for shells.

It is possible to follow the coast about 1,5 km south to get to Fontona, a small village in an oasis of green vegetation in the middle of the desert. You are likely to se very big grasshoppers flying through the sky, but don’t worry, they will stay away from you. There is a nice deserted empty sandy / stony beach in Fontana were you will probably be all alone taking a swim. Nude loners have been spotted here from time to time.