Ponta Preta windsurfing paradise, Cape Verde islands Sal

Info and facts about Ponta Preta windsurfing paradise Cape Verde islands Sal

Ponta Preta is located just to the northwest of Santa Maria town, Cape Verde Sal. Ponta Preta is the windsurfing mecka of Sal and Cape Verde islands and well known by water sport professionals and windsurfers. Windsurfers come from all over the world to Cape Verde islands to ride these huge waves at Ponta Preta. Get to Ponta Preta by walking about 15-20 minutes north west of Santa Maria or just follow the west coast.

Ponta Preta is basically just a sandy beach, some rocks and huge windsurfing waves. If you are not a professional windsurfer yourself, bring something to eat and sit down on the rocks to watch the spectacular scenery of surfers and natural gifted locals riding the waves and doing acrobatic tricks and somersaults. Waves reaching 3-4m is not unusual.

There is also a kiosk at Ponta Preta, but not always open. Ponta Preta is obviously a windy destination on the island of Sal. Following the coast back south from Ponta Preta towards Santa Maria, the coastline is filled with tourist activities such as horseback riding, natural sand dunes and bars serving drinks to thirsty sunbathing tourists.

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