Rock fishing and line fishing up north, Cape Verde islands Sal

Rock fishing and line fishing up north, Cape Verde islands Sal. Catch tuna, marlin, sailfish, billfish, sharks

Rock fishing and line fishing up north in Cape Verde islands and Sal. This is a destination for the adventures Cape Verde tourist interested in rock fishing right of the steep cliffs of the northern coast of Sal in the Cape Verde islands. The north of Cape Verde and Sal is known for big fish like marlon, tuna, billfish, sail fish and also sharks. You might be best of in a fishing boat trying to catch these big fish, but give the north coast a try rock fishing or line fishing. The roads from Espargos and up north are in a bad condition, and it takes additional time to get here through the desert surroundings of sand, gravel and small rocks. But one thing is for sure, you will never forget the beauty of Cape Verde and Sal and the true experience of the African desert. You need to pack food and water since there are no people, no shops or anything else north of Espargos. You will probably be all alone at this desert spot.

Imagine being all alone for hours with the ocean or desert horizon in all directions. The north coast of Sal is covered with high and steep black lava rocks sloping 5-20 m into the sea. It can be hard to find a good fishing spot, and you will have to climb down a bit to get to a good location. Sometimes locals come here to fish from land or dive in with harpoons. This is very dangerous and not recommended for tourists due to strong underwater currents and rough sea. It is possible to get here by rented moped, but a quad or a jeep is recommended unless you are a hard core adventurer. Aprox 30-45 min drive from Espargos town.

It is very important to bring a phone in case of emergency. It is impossible to swim here unless you are a professional. The undercurrents are very dangerous and the sea in the north is rough. Be very careful! The ocean can easily move 3-5m up and down towards the steep cliffs and people have been swept away. The nature and surroundings are absolutely incredible around Cape Verde and the northern coasts of Sal.

This trip is for the toughest tourist, wanting to experience true Africa and Cape Verde islands. Enjoy a hard core fishing trip right of the coast of Sal. This is probably not a good activity for children unless they are at least 15-16 years old.

Another good spot for rock fishing is Buracona. Buracona is located on the north west coast of Sal, just 5 km north of fishing town Palmeira. Walk 100-200 m north of Buracona tourist attraction “Blue eye”, and find the locals and some tourists fishing right of the steep cliffs. As said before, the black lava rocks sloping 5-10m down into the ocean are very dangerous and people have been swept away by the rough sea. Be very careful. Get here by rented car, moped or motorcycle.