Cape Verde islands, Sal holiday with small baby or small children

Cape Verde islands, Sal holiday with small baby or small children

Me, my husband and our 5 month old baby went to Cape Verde islands in 2014. We stayed at an all inclusive hotel in Santa Maria town for one week. I was still breast feeding our daughter most of the time so no problems with the food for the baby. We also had some formula with us. No matter which of the Cape Verde islands you are visiting I would bring everything from home: formula, diapers, creams and everything else you might need for the baby.

The shops & supermarkets are half empty and it is hard to find the products you need. Often, products even run out for days in Cape Verde before the next delivery comes in. We had to buy some baby wipes & nappies / diapers, but they were like imported from china and of poor quality.

Traveling to Cape Verde islands with a small baby is ok if you have an all inclusive hotel with a nice standard. The baby could taste our food, but most of the time I breast fed her. If I would have known about the poor range of baby products offered, I would bring more diapers and wipes from home. A thin cap or sun hat is needed every day to protect the baby from wind and hot sun.

We brought our stroller but most of the island of Sal is just sand and beaches. A baby carrier or a baby sling would be better to get around. We spend most of the time at the hotel, walking around in Santa Maria town and sun bathing in the afternoon. The sun in Cape Verde is very strong so you need to protect the baby and yourself, and stay in the shade. Cape Verde is a different kind of destination, not the regular charter destination similar to the mediterranean. We are very happy we went to Sal, and Cape Verde islands.

//Ben, Marie and little Alice