Couples holiday or honeymoon on Sal Cape Verde islands

Info and facts about spending a Couples holiday or honeymoon on Sal Cape Verde islands

A relaxing love holiday or honeymoon in Cape Verde islands is not bad. Cape Verde and Sal is perfect for couples who just want to relax, take it easy and have time for each other during the holiday. I went to Cape Verde islands with my husband for a holiday week in march of 2012. We stayed in a small hotel i Santa Maria town, island of Sal. The sandy beach in Cape Verde and Sal is just spectacular and covers the whole south of this island. It is absolutely beautiful. The sea in Cape Verde islands is a lovely turquoise color but the waves are high at times. We strolled around the south coast of Sal and you can just walk for hours in the desert sand. On the west side of Sal are some lovely sand dunes where people are surfing and just hanging out.

The east of Sal was my holiday favourite, there are no people there at all. You can just experience the nature and scenery of Cape Verde in full privacy, no tourist around. We found some empty egg shells from turtles!!! All you see is sand, more sand and the beautiful ocean.

The weather in Cape Verde in march was perfect for hiking & walking, warm but windy. We had a real nice love holiday, taking it easy, walking, sunbathing, swimming and eating lovely fresh fish for dinner every day. The restaurants in Cape Verde and Sal were ok but nothing spectacular. They serve simple food.

On the downside, some parts of Cape Verde and Sal are dirty with garbage everywhere, and the supermarkets have poor choice of foods at expensive price, it is not that cheap. Everything must be imported to the Cape Verde islands which is the reason. People are very poor but still nice and friendly.

Sal might look like a flat empty desert from the air, but if you just want to relax on the sandy lovely beach with your loved one in privacy, without a bunch of crowded tourists, Cape Verde and Sal is a great holiday choice even for a honeymoon. With an all inclusive hotel you have nothing to worry about.

// Grethe, Germany