Surfing, windsurfing & watersports in Cape Verde islands & Sal

Info & facts about Cape Verde: Surfing, windsurfing & watersports in Cape Verde islands Sal. Best kitesurfing beach, snorkeling & scuba diving. Ponta Preta!

This was my first holiday to Africa and Cape Verde Islands. The waves in Cape Verde islands and Sal are absolutely fantastic and Cape Verde Islands are known for windy weather and good waves all year around. The conditions for all kinds of watersports are perfect, warm and sunny! There are a lot of organizers available offering windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, bodyboard, scuba diving and snorkeling, specially in Santa Maria town, island of Sal.

Cape Verde islands is a real paradise in the west of Africa due to the endless beaches, windy weather, high waves and warm climate all year around. The best spot for professional surfing is Ponta Preta at walking distance from Santa Maria, about 1,5 km northwest. Here you will find the best waves in Sal and Cape Verde Islands. Professional surfers and windsurfers are always riding the waves at this spot. The waves are about 2-4 meters high. This rocky coastline is not for beginners, ONLY professionals and gifted locals. Just follow the sand dunes up west from Santa Maria and you can’t miss Ponta Preta. Even to a regular holiday tourist, it is fun just to watch all the surfers acrobatically riding the monstrous waves. Bring something to eat and enjoy your Cape Verde holiday on Sal!

Cape Verde islands and Sal is also a great holiday resort for paragliding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, body board, snorkeling and scuba diving. As long as you love the sea, the sun, the wind and the high waves, a holiday to Cape Verde islands and Sal is just great! The sea in Cape Verde islands is turquoise and the beaches on Sal are absolutely fantastic! If you are in to kitesurfing or paragliding, Costa de Fragata is the beach for you. Costa de Fragata is the best kitesurfing beach in Sal filled with kitesurfers every day all day. Just watch out for underwater currents. Get here by quad or car. Costa de Fragata is about 2 km north east of Santa Maria. You can also walk here just to watch. It is about 1,5 hour walk from Santa Maria. Just follow the east coast (a sandy coastline and also nesting beaches for the big turtles)

Don’t worrie if you are a total beginner at surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or other watersports. There are different beaches in Cape Verde islands and Sal suiting all needs. In the island of Sal, in town Santa Maria there are several surfing / windsurfing schools and different watersports organizers, mostly in the east part of the Santa Maria beach. This is the windsurfing head quarters of Cape Verde Islands. Just follow the Santa Maria beach all the way to the east and you can’t miss it. Rent equipment, get all the help you need and start the holiday fun! Great activity even for children & teens! Love the guys running the place!

Along the beach in Santa Maria and Sal, there are several small tourist businesses offering other holiday activities such as fishing, diving, snorkeling and more… Cape Verde islands are considered an “exotic” holiday destination and not as exploited towards tourism – yet.

Cheap charter tickets can be found at last minute online. There are several cheap hotels around Santa Maria, and the food is also fairly cheap eating at local restaurants away from the tourist area. The paste in Cape Verde and Sal is relaxed and friendly. This is Africa at it’s best! Cape Verde islands is the perfect holiday destination for surfers and watersports lovers of all kind! Loved my windsurfing holiday in Cape Verde Islands and I’ll be back! Ya man!

// Alvald, Norway